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Join Better Me Fitness & Performance and Transform Your Body and Mind


About Better Me Fitness & Performance

We are more than just a gym! At Better Me Fitness & Performance, we are focused on your overall wellness. Our goal is to transform your mind & body as one. We offer group fitness classes and athletic performance training. We are proud to be the only gym with licensed Registered Nurses on staff who perform monthly Health Consultations* including: vitals, weight, photos, measurements, and individualized planning to help you achieve your goals.

We are so excited for you to join our family and become a better version of yourself!

*Disclaimer: Registered Nurses do not diagnose or treat any medical condition. You are encouraged to consult your doctor before beginning any fitness regimen.


We're not about just training your body, because we understand that your mind is the strongest muscle in your body! We know if you're able to change your mindset, you can not only change your body, but everything about your life. We are not your average gym, so be prepared to challenge yourself in ways other than physical training. We will offer group book readings, group discussions, motivational speakers and more to all of our members.

Athletic Performance

Our Athletic Training Program will focus on building Power, Explosiveness, Speed, Agility, Balance, Core Strength, Flexibility, and Reaction Time. We will train athletes from ages 6 - 12 and 13-18 in different classes. Not only will we be training the body, but also teaching them that mindset is key to becoming a Better Athlete.



We are creating a community that builds each other up one moment at a time, by understanding that we weren't created to do this thing called life alone. You can only accomplish so much by yourself. You can only push yourself so hard before giving up. Each day, we're here to help each other become a better version of ourselves. Come join our community, because you no longer have to do it alone! Join the Better Me Family now!


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